Our sense of smell is a powerful force. It can stir memories and relax us. However, the opposite can also be true. Bad smells can make us highly uncomfortable and even leave us feeling unwell. So our homes must smell great. This doesn’t necessarily mean they should be full of strong perfumed scents as this can be expensive to maintain and even be offputting. Rather, our homes should smell fresh and well aired. Natural scents work best in the home and there’s nothing better than a lovely smell of cooking to arouse those feelings of home comfort. However, you can’t cook a Sunday roast every day and so here are a few of our secrets to a great smelling home:


Tackle Soggy Smells

Moisture is a breeding place for bad smells. Wet towels, dishcloths and sponges do not have to be left out long to breathe soggy smells into the home. Wetrooms, bathrooms and kitchens are particularly challenging. The drying process is important for anything damp and so these wet fabrics must be left out to dry. The best you can do is hang towels and cloths as spread out as possible so that smells do not fester in the creases and so the materials dry quickly.

how to solve soggy sponge smell

As for dishcloths, the mistake we make is that we accumulate all the dirt and grease on the washing cloths and then hang them up. It is wise to clean the cloth with washing up liquid before rinsing and hanging it up. However, dishcloths will inevitably start to whiff so will need to be replaced fairly regularly. Or else, using a natural bleach, can prolong the life of your washcloths. For instance, soaking your cloths in water with lemon rinds overnight. Moisture can also accumulate around the sinks and taps damaging the sealant which can result in a mouldy smell. Try to wipe these areas dry or leave a window open to allow moisture to escape.


Eliminating Pet Odours

One of the strongest unpleasant smells to be hit with when you walk into your home is the odour of dogs or cats. For all the amazing things pets bring into our homes, their scent is not one. Maintaining a great smelling home with pets adds an extra challenge. Another difficulty is that pet owners often stop smelling their pet’s odour in the home and that makes it especially important to make eliminating the smell part of a regular routine.

eliminating pet odour a how to on how to have a great a smelling home with a dog

The key to keeping your pets smelling fresh is keeping them clean. Regular bathing tends to be less tasking with dogs than cats, but felines are a little better at keeping themselves clean. The natural oils that dogs produce through their skin do mean they are generally more in need of a good bath. Brushing will also keep scents in check, but this should probably be an outdoor activity since pet hair in the house is only going to intensify your problem.

Tackling scent at the source is only the first step because unless you’re very lucky with your pet, their scent will still get into your home. Therefore, we recommend a plug-in air freshener that targets pet smell. We recommend Febreze’s 3Volution Pet Odor Eliminator because it combats the scent rather than smothering it.

For more advice on tackling pet odour please see our blog on How To Keep Your Home Clean When you Have A Dog.


Fresh Smelling Fabrics

Fabrics capture and hold onto smells like little else. Scents get deep into fibres which can work in your favour or against you. The best way to keep your fabrics smelling fresh is regular washing. If you can buy removable cushion covers, for your cushions and sofa cushions then that’s going to make life easier and a scented laundry detergent can add a lovely fragrance to your soft furnishings. Settees and chairs with fixed fabrics are more challenging but an odour eliminator like Febreze can make a big difference. Most importantly, air your home often. Taking advantage of dry days and letting fresh air into the home so your furniture fabrics can breathe is vital for a great smelling home.

lady smelling laundry in her home

We also have to give a shout out to shake n vac for keeping carpets and rugs smelling lovely in between deep cleans.


Essential Oil Diffusers

Now that we’ve warned so much against letting moisture into the home, we’re going to recommend it! But only in the way of an essential oil diffuser. You see, you can turn the aroma carried in moister into an asset, with the right scent. Oil diffusers emit a subtle yet far-reaching aroma into the home and, because it is released in steam it is captured better in the home than other forms of perfumes. Essential oils do more than release scent into a home, they have other properties depending on which you choose. Many people find using a Chamomile or Lavander oil in a diffuser before bedtime can aid sleep. Whereas Jasmine or Peppermint might be preferred in lounge rooms and halls to bring harmonious energy into the living space.


Natural Scents To Enhance The Home

natural secrets to a great smelling home bowl of pinecones

It would be lovely to fill each room in the home with fresh flowers but that’s a very expensive way of introducing scent. There are plenty of lower-cost methods of cultivating aromas in the home using natural and store cupboard products. Lemon, for instance, is a natural bleach and sanitiser and we use so little of the lemon’s potential. Save your lemon skins (not for too long) and use the excess juice to rub onto kitchen surfaces and natural bleach kitchen clothes. The rinds can also be useful in shining up taps and other metal surfaces. You get all the benefits of a natural cleaner with the added bonus of citrus scent. Another trick to scent your home is to lightly toast cinnamon and cloves in the oven. This will breathe those comforting spicy scents into the house. Stewing fruit with spices and a little sugar or honey will also leave your home smelling delicious and you’ll get to eat the ‘fruits’ of your labour too. We have stewed fruit on cereal in the morning for a great start to the day, but it can also be a lovely dessert.

There are so many creative ways to produce great smells in the home whilst experiencing other benefits. For instance, having herbs, such as basil, growing in the home can be used for recipes and also for their flowery scent. If you enjoy a good walk at the weekends in the woods, look out for pinecones to bring home too. These are one of the most popular scents for the home and they can be fun to find too.

stewing apples for a great smelling home scent

The Biggest Secret To A Great Smelling Home…

…is keeping your home clean. There is no substitute and no fragrance emitter that can mask a house that does not get a regular clean. Still, we are busy people these days and there’s a lot of pressure outside of the home. To derive comfort and calm in your home, you’ll need it to be a place of rest, preferably a tidy one. So, if you’re struggling to keep up with the housework as well as all your other responsibilities then why not hand it over to the pros. Haus Maids provide a swift, efficient and meticulous domestic cleaning service that will leave your home noticeably clean.

Whether you’re looking for a weekly cleaner or a less regular deeper clean or a spring clean, we have an option to suit your household needs. Let us take some of that load off of you so you can enjoy and relax in the home you work so hard for. Get in touch for domestic cleaning in Winchester, Cheltenham, Bishop’s Stortford, Fleet, Farnham, Alton, Milton Keynes and Guildford and Godalming.