Over 3 million UK households acquired dogs during the pandemic. During a time when many felt isolated and others embraced a slower pace of life with home-working and daily walking out in the countryside, it’s unsurprising that a wide variety of people opened their homes up to dogs.

74% of new dog-owners polled by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association claimed that having a dog in their home had helped with their mental health. For families, having pets can teach responsibility and many dog-owners enjoy a healthier lifestyle by getting out in the fresh air every day for dog walking duties.

Whilst the benefits of man’s best friend are vast, the one major downside is that it’s harder to keep your home clean when you have a dog. This leads some to wonder, can you have a dog and be house proud?

How To Keep Your Home Clean When You Have A Dog

At Haus Maids, we think absolutely yes! Yet, it can mean a bit of extra work. It’s also worth knowing a little more about why your dog might smell and shed and how to best combat this. 

Why Does My Dog Smell?

Almost all dogs carry a scent and that’s completely natural. Still, it’s not usually pleasant. Dogs don’t sweat like humans but their hair produces oil that carries a scent and they also perspire through their paws. Washing and brushing your dog regularly can reduce odour. Feeding your dog good quality dog food and exercising them also keeps them healthy on the inside which prevents natural scents from becoming overwhelming.  

How To Keep Your Home Clean When You Have A Dog

There are also things you can do in your home to prevent dog smell and combat shedding hair. So, here are our top tips on how to keep your home clean when you have a dog:

  • Brush Your Dog And Clean Paws Outside
  • Invest In A Lint Roller
  • Get Yourself A Decent Vacuum Cleaner
  • Use Pet Odour Absorbing Air Fresheners
  • Soft, Fluffy Furnishings Are The Enemy
  • Wash Your Pet And Their Toys Regularly
  • Sweep And Mop Floors And Skirting Boards

Read through each tip below for more detail and extra advice:

Brush Your Dog And Clean Paws Outside

Most humans brush their hair a couple of times a day and we have very little in comparison to our furry friends. Regular brushing of your dog’s coat will keep it glossy and prevent the build-up of oil. If you brush your dog outdoors you will be getting rid of hair your dog is shedding that will otherwise find its way into every crevice of your home.

How To Keep Your Home Clean With A Dog

After muddy walks, it’s a good idea to pat your dog down with a towel before they go inside. Wiping their paws, in particular, will not only help get rid of dirt they are carrying but also absorb perspiration as their paws are the one place dogs sweat from.

Placing a door mat inside also provides another opportunity to collect any dirt and moisture from your dog’s paws as they enter the house.

Invest In A Lint Roller

Dog hair in your home is inevitable, no matter how well you brush and take care of your pooch. You’ll need a quick solution to hand, both for pet hair covered furniture and clothes. A lint roller is the best way to get the job done. We recommend leaving one with the television remotes, which tend to be close to the couch, and one perhaps hanging from or beside your full-length mirror to remind you to rid yourself of doggie hair before you head out each day.

Get Yourself A Decent Vacuum Cleaner

How To Get Rid Of Dog Hair In Your Home

There are many cases where paying more does not necessarily mean getting more. A vacuum cleaner is not usually an example of this. In fact, there is a considerable difference in the quality of low to high priced vacuums. Believe us, as professional cleaners we use a great variety.

When faced with pet hair, which tends to blow all about the house, collect together, and bury itself deep into carpets, it’s worth investing in a very good vacuum. Look particularly for those that list tackling pet hair as a top attribute. In addition, extensions come in handy, especially those that get into corners and along skirting boards.

Use Pet Odour Absorbing Air Fresheners

Although prevention is always the best course of action, dogs will inevitably carry some scent and, though you may stop smelling it in your home after a while, visitors might not. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in air fresheners to keep your house smelling lovely. Ones that specifically tackle pet odour are preferable. Choose a plug-in air freshener that combats the smell as opposed to smothering it in heavy perfume. We recommend Febreze’s 3Volution Pet Odor Eliminator.

Material items including your sofas, fabric chairs and rugs will hold pet odour, especially if you allow your dog onto the furniture. Throws and washable covers are a good solution as these can be tossed into the washing machine regularly. A deodorising fabric spray can also be used but you may also make your own natural solution by mixing water with baking soda.

Soft, Fluffy Furnishings Are The Enemy

It’s so easy to get won over by fluffy, soft dog beds and blankets because to us they look so comfortable and warm. However, we don’t come with a coat of fur. Dogs do not need soft-to-the-touch furnishings such as those we crave. So, when selecting dog beds and baskets look for those with tightly woven fabric or wipeable materials such as leather. This will make life far easier as these materials will hold onto far less scent and will not provide any less comfort for your dog.

Keeping Your Home Clean When You Have A Dog

Wash Your Pet And Their Toys Regularly

It goes without saying that bathing your dog is going to help them smell fresher. Of course, some dogs are more receptive to water than others and it’s always best to wash your dog on a dry day so they can air out and dry outdoors. You will also want to study your dog’s breed for the best advice on how to take care of their coat. However, in terms of how to keep your home clean when you have a dog, the first thing you’ll want to do is keep your dog clean.

How Clean Dog ToysDog toys, though a great way to stimulate your pooch and deter them from chewing the furniture, are not the most sanitary of items. They often carry dog drool, hair and accumulate smells. For this reason, some pet owners chose to permit dog toys only in a certain area of the home. It’s also a good idea to wash the toys regularly, though if you’re putting them in the washing machine you’ll need to ensure you’re using a dog-safe detergent. Alternatively, it may be easier to hand wash items. Again, we advise doing so on a clear day so you can leave them to dry outside.

Sweep And Mop Floors And Skirting Boards

When you have a dog you’ll probably find your floors need cleaning more often due to shedding. Wooden floors are generally easier to handle than carpet because you don’t have to get out and pack away a heavy vacuum cleaner every time the floor needs attention. Therefore, don’t complicate sweeping your floor by hiding away the broom. The key to making it easy for you to sweep pet hair from your floor is to have a broom within easy reach. We love straw brooms, also known as corn brooms, because they are softer and therefore get into corners and drag dog hair across the floor as you sweep so that it’s easier to form a pile. With that ‘witches broom’ appearance, they also look great hung on the wall which keeps them handy so a quick sweep becomes part of daily routine. In addition, this broom can also be brushed across skirting boards to disturb dust, without the bristles marking the walls.