Winter time brings its own set of specific house cleaning challenges, and while everyone is aware of the spring cleaning requirements, we decided to cover some winter aspects that might be quite useful, especially because in the cold months we tend to spend more time indoors and winter cleaning could be a great way of preparing your house.

1.Dusting – As we turn the heating up more and more, the air tends to become dryer which causes the dust to accumulate. We all know winter is the notorious season of cough and sneeze, and especially when you are spending so much time indoors, the bookshelves, bench tops and underneath the furniture could be good places to start with. 

The tops of doors, mirrors, artwork and lighting fixtures can follow after. Making sure the lighting fixtures are dusted, can ensure that the light bulbs are as bright as they can be. Another important place is the bathroom exhaust vent fan, which accumulates dust on a regular basis. The most efficient way is to remove the cover and vacuum up the dust inside it.

Lastly, and very important, dust off the heaters so the dust doesn’t spread around the house. Let the heaters cool down by pulling the plug from the outlet, this is an essential precaution that must be taken. A microfiber duster or a feather duster could be useful for cleaning the vents while a compressed air duster then vacuum once the cover has been removed.

2.Keeping the dirt outside – Before it finds its way indoors, a sturdy doormat is essential for mud and for avoiding wet footprints from the rain. Alternatively, of course, some people encourage their guests to take their shoes off before exploring the property. A slipper basket can be very useful if this is the case, filled with clean indoor slippers that your guests  can enjoy and be comfortable wearing, which makes your home more welcoming and brings a hospitality plus! A shoe rack next to the door and outside the front door (as long as it’s covered) can keep the mud away from your floors.

If you are a pet owner, you might like to consider placing a towel at your pet’s entrance in order to stop their muddy paws from making a trail around the house. 

Limiting the amount of dirt that gets into the house in the first place makes winter cleaning a whole lot easier.

3.Window scrub – Similar to the necessity of dusting off the light bulbs, windows cleaning majorly impacts the amount of light you receive in the darker months of the year. It’s beneficial to include scrubbing both the inside and outside of the windows thoroughly, at least the ones that are reachable to you. 

4.Upholstery cleaning – An estimate shows that 80% of the dust in your home can be found in the upholstered furniture. Winter cleaning is a great opportunity to remove dust, pollen and germs from your upholstery, especially as many of us tend to spend quite an amount of time on our sofas. 

The first step you can take is to vacuum the furniture thoroughly. Then, you can create your own stain remover by mixing warm water with either liquid dishwashing detergent, or baking soda, to create a paste texture. Before applying the solution all over, test it on a patch of furniture that is preferably hidden, to ensure that the solution suits the cleaning job. Use a dabbing method, and rinse and repeat as necessary until the stains are removed. Then just let the upholstery to dry completely.

5.Cleaning supplies – This is a good reminder that from time to time even our cleaning supplies need to be looked after. Cleaning them ensures that we get the most use out of them, so a few things that can be done include disinfecting the mop, vacuum the broom, replace your vacuum bag, replace/disinfect the sponges and separate from your clothes, the cleaning rags could be put in the washing machine.

That ensures that the cleaning jobs will be effective in the future. Another tip would be disinfecting the bins, as even if they are lined with plastic bags, chances are the germs still accumulate in them. The most effective  method includes using a hose, disinfectant and scrubbing them with a bristle cleaning brush.

6.Always have cleaning products readily available – Even though we can do our best to keep the dirt outside, winter mess can sometimes be unpredictable. Whether is a muddy stain or accidentally dropping hot chocolate on the living room carpet, some of these jobs can be fixed quickly if your cleaning supplies are updated as necessary and available in case of any emergencies.

Some outside cleaning tips include preparing your snow shovels in easy to reach spots in case of a weather emergency, so you are not caught unprepared. Make sure your vehicles have ice scrapers and brushes to remove the snow and check your wiper fluid and antifreeze levels. A smaller job could be sorting out your pantry too, throwing away whatever has gone bad or won’t be used. Pay attention to the ‘’Use by’’ dates/missing labels,  and everything can be thrown in a simple large trash can. 

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