Ready for your house to be upgraded in 2020 with no major home renovation plan? From cosmetic quick fixes to energy saving tips, here are 7 simple ways to improve your living space in the following year :

Fresh Paint – A fresh coat of paint on the walls can make a big difference! Is not only a great way to improve your home, but it will also make the space bigger and brighter. For the smaller rooms like bedrooms and powder rooms, you can even try to do the job yourself. For the larger areas, such as painting a staircase or an entry, a professional might come in handy. If you are looking to sell your house in the near future stick to neutral colours, light grays and beiges. If you are interested in the trends, 2020’s colour is going to be classic blue for painting, followed by white and blush in the top 3.

Organise your closet – To kick off the decluttering purge, you can start with your drawers and closets. The questions : Have I worn this lately? Does it fit? Does it have sentimental value? Is it in good condition? are always beneficial when you decide to get organised. Whenever the answer to one of the questions above is no, it can go to a donation pile, sell pile, or just throw away pile. By doing this, you can make sure that all the new acquisitions you will make in the following year have their own space without your clothes getting piled up.

Smart home devices – One of the best ways to improve your home in the new year is to add some smart home features that can save you money in energy bills, improve the security of your place and make your life overall easier. Several smart devices can be considered, some of them being the Nest Thermostat E, which automatically learns about you and your family’s activities and preferred heating schedules,Logitech Harmony Elite Remote, which has an attractive design and can control almost all the electrical devices in your home, Netatmo Weather Station, which can give you the most accurate indoor and outdoor temperature levels, humidity, air quality and sound pollution levels and so on.

Chimney Service – If you are planning on using your chimney this winter, it might be a good idea having it serviced in the new year. It’s maintenance helps soot build up and to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, it also helps preventing home fires. Before hiring a company for it, make sure to check the company’s BBB rating and various online reviews.

Clean the Grout – This could help improve the look and feel of your bathrooms, mudrooms and tile flooring. Dirty grout not only makes your house look unclean but it’s also unsanitary. A quick way to get rid of it is with a toothbrush, baking soda and water.

Home Energy Audit – Save on energy bills in the new year by conducting a home energy audit. A professional can be hired to conduct an official energy assessment of your house, room by room, examining if you have any air leaks in your home, then examining your utility bills. If there are any problems with the air leaks, better home insulation might be recommended, starting by sealing the attic, drafty windows and the air duct system.

Update the Light FixturesInterior light fixtures can be added to the indoor entryway, living spaces and kitchen, while adding exterior lightning to the outside of your home can improve your security and make your house easier to be found by visitors and guests. In addition, updating interior chandeliers, lamps and pendants is an easy way to transform the feel and look of your home.

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