The majority of us tend to share our space with different small companions who sooner or later become an essential part of our families. Even so, depending on the type of pet that inhabits your house, they all have different requirements and needs, and sometimes cleaning after them, especially with a busy life/work schedule, can take a lot of time and effort. Below you can find a list of some easy tricks that could save you money and time, keep your house immaculate and your pet clean and happy!

  • LINT ROLLER – a life saver device when it comes to all the hair left around from your pet. It can be found in both physical/online shops and their cost is relatively low.
  • DINE MATSa wipeable or machine washable mat for your pet’s food bowl is going to save you the hassle of having to clean all the food that your pet threw on the floor while having their meal. 
  • COVERS – pet friendly ones are recommended, but any type would do to cover your sofas/chairs/beds and keep them clean from any hair and mucky paws. It becomes much easier to throw them in the washing machine then having to clean the whole furniture.
  • VACUUM CLEANER – You would be surprised with the number of vacuum cleaners that don’t support pet hair. Getting the right one will save you the time wasted on picking the remaining pet hair behind manually after the vacuuming is done.
  • BRUSH – A good quality brush will reduce the amount of hair your pets sheds. Long haired and short haired animals require different types and regular brushing will ensure a way cleaner environment.
  • SEAL THE FOOD – Both cat&dog food left out all day will catch a smell and attract flies. If your pet is the type which doesn’t finish their meals, if they are not around, cover it up. A good alternative for this is the automatic feeder bowl, as it recognises your pet’s microchip and opens up only for them. This  doesn’t only keep the smell and flies away, but it can be a great aid if you have multiple pets who are not sharing the same diet.
  • STOP THE SCRATCHING – If you would like to keep your sofa protected from scratch marks, an anti-scratch spray will do the trick. It doesn’t work for areas that the pet has already scratched but it could be an essential aid before you introduce your new pet to your house. A scratching post can also be really helpful as cats in general do need to sharpen their nails in order to keep them healthy.
  • STOP THE MUDDY PAWS – a good doormat that catches mud and water from your pet’s paws will save you time on cleaning them and your floors after an outdoor walk.
  •  KEEP THE SMELL AWAY – Particularly in the summer, the litters need to be changed more often.  Invest in a Litter Locker  to do this easily and without odours. It works by sealing used litter in a plastic bag within the airtight bin – then you can empty it later.
  • FURNITURE – If you still haven’t got a pet but thinking of getting one in the future, getting the right furniture might be the biggest aid. Hard Wearing furniture is less likely to be damaged by pets. Trying to match the colour of the furniture to your pet’s colour could also help as the hair will be less visible. If you have any pieces of furniture that are very delicate or expensive, try to train your pet from the beginning to stay away from them.

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