Haus Maids Farnham Wins Community Award

Haus Maids Farnham offices dedication to the local Farnham community has been recognised at a recent awards ceremony held by the companies head office, winning the Community Award, recognising them as the standout office among all Haus Maids offices nationwide for their work in their local community. This acknowledgment was presented to them during the October 2023 National Conference, for their exceptional commitment to the Farnham area. Haus Maids Farnham’s community engagement has been their loyal support of local sports clubs, in particular the Farnham Cricket Club. For over a decade, Haus Maids Farnham has served as a proud sponsor, with their branding on the club’s kits. This sponsorship has played a pivotal role in supporting this fantastic local club.

Haus Maids community award

Chairman of Farnham Cricket Club, expressed gratitude for the partnership with Haus Maids, highlighting its substantial contribution to the club’s financial stability and support during the challenges faced in 2020. He focused attention on, “We have ambitious plans for the future, especially in expanding our junior and women’s sections. Knowing that we can count on Haus Maids for continued support is massively reassuring.”

Along with their involvement with Farnham Cricket Club, Haus Maids Farnham is proud to support Farnham Swimming Club. Their generous financial support has been helpful in costs of essential equipment, covering training expenses, and supporting various club-related costs. Fiona Lee, Chair of Farnham Swimming Club, expressed her gratitude, stating, “The sponsorship from Haus Maids has been invaluable, contributing significantly to the enhancement of our facilities, including our new scoreboard.


Farnham Swimming Club Team Photo

Molly Binstead, The office manager of Haus Maids Farnham, reiterated the company’s commitments to giving back to the local community. “At Haus Maids, community support is at the core of our values. Partnering with local clubs like Farnham Cricket Club and Farnham Swimming Club provides us with an incredible opportunity to make a meaningful difference, to be recognised for our community work means the world to us” she remarked when asked about the recent award.


The impact of Haus Maids Farnham’s involvement extends far beyond financial contributions; it represents a genuine dedication to growth, opportunities, and a stronger sense of community within Farnham. As they continue their journey, their commitment to uplifting the local community remains unwavering, setting a commendable example for other companies to follow.