Haus Maids, a leading home cleaning service provider, we are excited to announce our sponsorship of the Fleet Town Youth Girls Under 9s team. This partnership marks a significant commitment to supporting the local community and providing opportunities for young footballers.

fleet girls football team.


Toni Greenway, director of Haus Maids Fleet, has expressed, ‘I am very proud to sponsor the Fleet Town Youth Girls Under 9s team. The sense of community and passion for empowering young athletes resonates deeply within our hearts at Haus Maids”.

Haus Maids takes immense pride in sponsoring the Fleet Town Youth Girls Under 9s team, a group of young talents with extreme enthusiasm, supported by two fantastic coaches, Steve, and Sarah-Jane. What makes this sponsorship particularly special is the prospect of witnessing their continuous growth as they advance through the various teams, ultimately leading their way into the respected women’s teams. The Fleet Town Youth Girls Under 9s team is one of the largest girls’ clubs in the south of England.

fleet girls football team


“Catch these football stars in action as they display their skills during home matches at the Frogmore Leisure Centre on Sunday morning. Their dedication to their abilities is further evident during their training sessions at Calthorpe School. As passionate supporters of local youth sports, Haus Maids is thrilled to contribute to the development and success of the Fleet Town Youth Girls Under 9s team. Keep an eye out for these rising stars. They are not just playing for today but for a future filled with victories!”

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