Looking for some Fun home activities to celebrate Easter with your family? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of entertaining and creative ideas that are sure to bring the family together.


Dive into Easter-Themed Books:

There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a good book, especially when it’s Easter-themed! Whether it’s tales of the Easter bunny, springtime adventures, or stories with a deeper meaning, there’s a wide selection of books to choose from. Check out our list of Easter books for toddlers and picture book readers for some egg-cellent recommendations.

  1. Spot’s Easter Basket
  2. Peppa the Easter Bunny
  3. Peter Rabbit: A Fluffy Easter Tale
  4. Five Little Easter Bunnies
  5. Busy Easter

easter books

Get Crafty with Easter-Themed Play-Doh or Lego Challenges:

Unleash your family’s creativity with Easter-themed Play-Doh or Lego challenges. From crafting eggs and bird nests to building adorable bunnies, there’s no limit to what you can create. Set a timer and watch as your little ones bring their imaginative ideas to life.


Decorate Easter Eggs:

Transform ordinary eggs into works of art with a fun egg decorating session. Gather your art supplies and let your creativity soar as you decorate eggs with food colouring, wax crayons, stickers, paint, and markers. It’s a delightful activity the whole family can enjoy!


Play Easter Bingo:

Print out Easter Bingo cards and gather the family for a fun-filled game. Use jellybeans or chocolate mini eggs to mark your squares and see who can get a bingo first. It’s a classic game with an Easter twist that’s sure to entertain both kids and adults alike.


Embark on an Easter Egg Hunt:

No Easter celebration is complete without an egg hunt! Hide eggs throughout your home and watch as your kids eagerly search for them with their baskets in hand. For an added twist, fill plastic eggs with sweets or small toys for a sweet surprise.

easter bingo


Play Fun Guessing Games:

Challenge your family’s estimation skills with Easter-themed guessing games. Fill jars with various Easter chocolates and take turns guessing how many chocolates are in each jar. The winner gets to enjoy the sweet rewards!


Get Creative with Flower Painting or Colouring:

Embrace the beauty of spring by painting or colouring flowers with your loved ones. Whether you prefer acrylic paints or colouring books, let your imagination bloom as you celebrate the season of renewal.


With these egg-cellent Easter activities, you’re sure to create cherished memories and bring joy to your family’s Easter celebration. Have a hoppy Easter from all of us at Haus Maids!