Haus Maids Customers

**** UPDATED*******

We have today made the decision to temporarily suspend our home cleaning service, effective Monday 23rd March 9.00am.

We will reopen our business as soon as it is safe to do so.

We wish you the very best over this uncertain period and hope to be back cleaning your home in the very near future.

In light of the outbreaks of Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) our focus has shifted to the safety of our customers and employees during this difficult time. It appears that at this time unprecedented efforts are taking place across the UK to minimise the threat of Coronavirus Disease from spreading within the general public.

We are equally concerned as to everyone’s safety, health and overall perception of our company. As of today, Monday 16th March 2020 its business as usual for Haus Maids. We have taken the maximum measures with our employees to make sure we have limited the spread of any potential spread of the virus from person to person. We of course already had fantastic systems in place prior to this outbreak to limit the spread of infection, we have taken steps to remind our teams of the importance of following these procedures to the letter at this difficult time.

As a company we have always and will always take precautions whilst carrying out our work in the local area including:

  • Fresh, clean cloths and mop heads are always used in every home, we NEVER use the same cloths / mop heads in different homes.
  • Our cloths and mop heads are professionally laundered after every use.
  • Our employees have all protective equipment available to them including disposable gloves, eye protectors and masks.
  • Our employees will always wear NEW disposable gloves in each home we clean
  • Our products are of the highest quality and are used to kill germs

Extra precautions we have put in place in light of the current situation include

  • Employees are working remotely, which means they will only be in contact with their working partner at any time and nobody else within the company
  • Employees have been advised to consistently was hands
  • If employees or somebody the employee has been in contact with is showing signs of the virus they are being instructed to self-isolate and will not be able to come back to work until they are better.

I appreciate this is a concerning time for everybody, however we hope the precautions we have put in place on top of our normal very high hygiene controls will show our customers that we have taken every possible precaution to protect our customers and employees.

We have also instructed our teams to concentrate on door handles, surfaces and touch points in homes to help our customers keep their homes virus free.

We ask each customer to please communicate to us ASAP if you need to suspend our service during this period. Also, if you have someone home that is sick or has been sick please contact us immediately so we can collectively agree on a plan of action.

We will of course keep customers updated during this period.

Haus Maids wish all of our customers the very best during this difficult time.