St David’s Day is an important holiday in Wales, celebrated on the first day of March each year. It is a day to honour St David, the patron saint of Wales, and to celebrate Welsh culture and heritage.

One tradition associated with St David’s Day is cleaning. Many people in Wales take this opportunity to clean their homes, schools, and workplaces in preparation for the coming of Spring. This practice is known as “Spring Cleaning,” and it has been a common custom in many cultures for centuries.


Spring Cleaning in Wales on St David's Day

Spring Cleaning

In Wales, the practice of Spring cleaning on St David’s Day has a special significance. It is seen as a way to honour St David’s message of simplicity and purity. St David was known for his austere way of life, and he encouraged his followers to live with humility and modesty.

By cleaning their homes and workplaces on St David’s Day, Welsh people are following in St David’s footsteps and embodying his teachings. They are also preparing their surroundings for the renewal and growth that Spring brings.

In addition to cleaning, there are many other traditions associated with St David’s Day. One of the most popular is the wearing of the daffodil, which is the national flower of Wales. It is also traditional to eat Welsh cakes and to sing Welsh songs and hymns.

St David’s Day is a day of celebration, renewal, and reflection for the people of Wales. By cleaning their surroundings and embracing the teachings of St David, they are honouring their culture and heritage and preparing for the coming of Spring.

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