It’s almost back to school time and whilst the summer holidays are nearing an end, there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Keep your children busy with after-school classes in Fleet where they can learn new skills, make new friends and have lots of fun. Many parents find that they require after-school activities for their children so they have more time to work, prepare dinner and generally do the hundreds of things that parents of young children have to do every day. However, some after-school clubs offer more than childcare. They can be a place to discover new passions beyond the curriculum or to expand on interests that have been sparked at school. Only, there’s a lot to choose from. So, we’ve brought you a guide to the best after-school kids’ classes in Fleet:

Judo 4 Juniors

Judo 4 Juniors offer martial arts classes for children 5-11 years old at All Saints Junior School from 3.30-4.15pm on Thursdays. Taught by qualified coaches with experience of competing in martial arts competitions themselves, the practice goes beyond skills training. The basis of Judo is also in discipline and respect, so Judo 4 Juniors is also about building confidence and increasing focus.

Martial Arts For Kids In Fleet

This class is a good opportunity for exercise as well as learning martial arts techniques in a safe and controlled environment. Children may also move through grades, from white belt all the way to black belt.

Stagecoach Fleet

Got a little drama king or queen on your hands? Or maybe you have a child keen to express themselves but struggling with confidence? Drama and performance arts classes have inspired some to pursue a career on the stage but for most children, they provide a space to grow in imagination, confidence and communication.

Drama Classes For Kids In Fleet

Stagecoach classes incorporate dance, drama and singing in a social space where many friendships are made. They will also get plenty of opportunities to perform on stage too.

Children in Fleet can enjoy Stagecoach at Calthorpe Park School on Saturday mornings or Stockton House on Friday afternoons and there are classes available for ages 4-18 years. Book a 2 week trial on the Stagecoach Fleet website.



They say the earlier you begin to learn a second language, the easier it is. Whilst languages are taught in schools, it is very difficult to develop foreign language skills with only one or two classes per week in a large class. That’s where Kidslingo steps in. Teaching french to children 4-7 years and 7-11 years, Hayley has a degree in French and Spanish and offers classes online and in person.

Installing a love of languages in children from a young age will not only make future travel more interesting but can help their learning overall, developing communication skills and learning ability. Classes are currently offered online on Mondays from 5-5.30pm and Saturdays from 9-9.30am.

Funtime Dance & Drama

There are plenty of dance classes to choose from for children at The Dance Studio at The Harlington in Fleet and Fleet Methodist Church Hall. Dance teaches a whole host of skills beyond technique including balance, discipline and confidence. It also helps children to develop control over their bodies and to express themselves. Classes offered include:

Dance Classes For Children Ballet, Tap, Street Dance In Fleet

Ballet for ages 4-11 years

Monday and Tuesday after school and Saturday mornings

Tap for ages 4-11 years

Wednesday after school and Saturday mornings

Combined Tap and Jazz for ages 4-11 years

Monday 4.30pm

Street Dance for ages 4-11 years

Wednesday and Thursday after school

Dance And Drama for ages 4-11 years

Saturday 10.30 and 11am

Fleet Flyers

Fleet Flyers offer basketball coaching for children under 7s and 8-16 years. Basketball is not often taught in schools and so this sports class provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the sport. Teamwork, fun, development of skills and perseverance are all fundamentals of this after-school kids class in Fleet.

Fleet Basketball Classes For Kids

There are all boys and all girls classes at St Nicholas’ School in Fleet on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Find out more here.

Art-K in Farnham

Art is an amazing way for children to express themselves, explore their imaginations and nurture their creativity. At Art-K children will be introduced to a wide range of art styles, methods and techniques. With gentle guidance, kids can develop their skills and explore using a variety of materials. Art-K has studios across the UK and their classes are well planned and geared specifically towards children aged 6-18 years.

Children's Art Class In Fleet

Just a short drive away in Farnham, Art-K after-school kids classes at 4.30-5.45pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, from 7-8.30pm on Tuesdays and at 6.15-7.30pm on Wednesdays. There is also a Saturday morning and a Saturday afternoon class. More details can be found on the Art-K website.

These are just a handful of the after-school kids’ classes in Fleet. We hope you find at least one your children will love.