Some cleaning jobs to tackle in the kitchen while on lockdown

As we are finding ourselves spending more time at home, we tend to notice the jobs that usually get overlooked around the house, or the jobs that we just haven’t had time for due to busy life/work schedules. Now would be a great time to tackle these areas if a distraction is what you need or if you are finding you have more time on your hands.

Why not start with the kitchen.

The Kitchen Cupboards

Start by removing all the contents out of each cupboard or one cupboard at a time. Using warm soapy water wash down the insides. That’s the easy part! Now is the time for re-stacking and re-organising the contents of each cupboard. Don’t forget to check all the sell by dates on your products. Also, its finally time to throw away those chipped or broken plates and cups you have stored at the back of the cupboard for years. Allow enough time to make sure all your cupboards are cleaned and cleared.

The cutlery draw

Firstly, remove all the cutlery from the storage tray and wash the tray with hot soapy water.  If this is removable don’t forget to clean underneath and give a quick wipe, before putting the cutlery back.

Either clean the cutlery by hand or give them a ride in the dishwasher.

That draw

We are all guilty of having that one draw or area in the kitchen where we put the odds and sods that just haven’t got a designated place or we have put there to sort for a later date, Well today is that later date to sort this out! Warning : You will find at least six batteries and one pizza takeaway menu.

Clean the bins

Clean the bins, from general waste, recycling and food waste bins.  Give them all a thorough clean. Depending on the size of your bins, you may need to use the shower, bath or the outside hose if you have one to do a thorough job.

Top of the kitchen cupboards

Just because we can’t see the top of the cupboards does not mean they are not collecting dust and dirt.  Use some warm soapy water to wipe these over. Remember use a step ladder, don’t use the worktop or a kitchen chair to reach the top.

Empty and clean the fridge

Remove all items from the fridge throwing away any out of date food. Remove shelves and draws and give a good clean before replacing.

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