Well-Trained Cleaners for your House in Fleet

Domestic cleaning is time-consuming, laborious and usually falls upon the shoulders of particular members of a household (the parents!). Kitchens are generally the rooms in the home that get dirtiest the quickest, thanks how often they’re used. One study found that kitchen sinks have more germs than toilets. 

When welcoming professional cleaners into your home, you want to trust them complicitly. Haus Maids is committed to providing a superior service in every respect.

Our work includes cleaning the most communal rooms in the home: the kitchen and bathroom. These two rooms have the highest level of traffic and are the most likely places for germs and bacteria to thrive. 

Stay Covid-free this winter with exceptional cleaning services.

This season is the time when viruses like flu and Covid-19 tend to proliferate. Regular cleaning is one of the best ways to prevent this happening.

From sparkling surfaces to dust-free nooks and crannies, Haus Maids can make your home in Fleet look like a showroom everytime you step in the door.  We’ll ensure you enjoy everything from spotless countertops and flooring to immaculate cupboards and cutlery drawers.

Our house cleaners regularly carry out thorough hoovering, which is important for improving the air quality of your property. Once we’re finished your home will look, smell and feel amazing. 

If you need qualified house cleaners in Fleet, simply contact our team for more details.