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Welcome to Haus Maids, the leading choice for domestic cleaners in Cheltenham and surrounding areas. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we provide top-tier cleaning services to ensure your home in Cheltenham and beyond is impeccably clean and inviting. From Pittville Park to Montpellier, Bath Road to Tivoli, and The Suffolks to The Park, our dedicated team is here to exceed your expectations. At Haus Maids, we offer a cleaning service to keep your home in pristine condition!


Domestic Cleaner in Cheltenham:

At Haus Maids, we understand the importance of a clean and tidy home. Whether you’re located in the heart of Cheltenham or in the surrounding areas such as Charlton Kings, Ullenwood, or Syde, our professional cleaners are here to help. With amazing attention to detail and a passion for cleanliness, we ensure that every corner of your home is spotless and hygienic.


House Cleaning with Pet Tips:

Living with pets brings immense joy, and it also comes with its own cleaning challenges. Here are some tips for maintaining a clean and fresh home while living with furry friends:


Regular Vacuuming: Pet hair can quickly accumulate on floors, carpets, and furniture. Regular vacuuming helps to remove pet dander and hair, keeping your home clean and reducing allergens. It is important for animals such as dogs and cats to have their hair brushed as this can reduce the amount of moulting, which then reduces pet hair building up in the house.


Use Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products: When cleaning up after your pets, it’s essential to use products that are safe for them. opt for pet-friendly cleaning solutions to avoid any harmful chemicals that could potentially harm your furry companions. You can find safe cleaning product information at Pets at Home in Cheltenham, or you can even ask your vet for advice on which cleaning products are safe to use around your pets if you are unsure about the products, you might already have. It is always best to check on the back label of your cleaning products.


Wash Pet Bedding Frequently: Your pet’s bedding can harbour dirt, Odors, and allergens. Wash their bedding regularly with a mild detergent to keep it clean and fresh smelling. It is recommended that you change your pet’s bedding every 1-2 weeks. If your pet’s bedding is old, it is always best to invest in a new bed. You can find a new pet bed in Argos in Cheltenham or even Pets at Home.


Clean Up Accidents Promptly: Accidents happen, especially with pets. Clean up any messes promptly to prevent stains and Odors from setting in. Use an enzymatic cleaner to break down organic stains and neutralise Odors effectively. It’s important to pick up pet messes quickly for other reasons also, such as germs, and if you have children, it’s important to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination.


Groom Your Pets Regularly: Regular grooming helps to reduce shedding and keeps your pets’ coats clean and healthy. Brushing your pets outdoors can minimise the amount of hair and dander inside your home. You might find it useful to book your dog into a groomer such as Dogwood Cheltenham Dog Grooming Spa or even have your pet groomed at the vet if they are a little more anxious.


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At Haus Maids, we take pride in delivering exceptional cleaning services tailored to your needs. Whether you need a one-time deep clean or regular maintenance cleaning, our professional cleaners are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your next cleaning appointment and experience the Haus Maids difference for yourself.