Tips for Sparkling Clean Fridge for your home in Winchester

The refrigerator, a cornerstone of every home in Winchester and surrounding areas such as Twyford, Morestead, Upham, Fair Oak, Bishopstoke demands meticulous cleaning for food safety and hygiene. Here are essential tips from Haus Maids to ensure your fridge remains pristine:


  1. Empty and Sort: Begin by removing all items from your refrigerator. Discard expired food items and sort through what’s left, placing similar items together for ease of organization.


  1. Gentle Interior Cleaning: Use a solution of warm water and mild dish soap to wipe down the interior. Pay attention to spills and stains, gently scrubbing to remove any residue.


  1. Shelves and Drawers: Take out shelves, drawers, and other removable components for separate cleaning. Wash them with warm, soapy water, rinse, and dry thoroughly before placing back.


  1. Eliminate Odors: Tackle unpleasant smells by placing a bowl of baking soda inside the fridge. This natural deodorizer absorbs Odors effectively.


  1. Exterior Cleanliness: Don’t forget to clean the exterior surfaces, including the door handles and gaskets, using a mild cleaning solution and a soft cloth.


  1. Fridge Seal Maintenance: Inspect and clean the rubber seals around the door to ensure they remain free from debris. This maintains the fridge’s efficiency by preserving its airtight seal.


  1. Regular Inspection: Schedule regular inspections to spot spills or spoiled food early, preventing strong Odors or sticky residues from forming.


  1. Rotation Technique: Implement a rotation strategy for food items, placing newer items at the back and older ones at the front. This practice ensures that food gets used before it expires.


  1. Temperature Check: Verify that the refrigerator maintains the recommended temperature (usually around 37°F or 3°C) for optimal food storage.


  1. Maintenance Routine: Establish a routine to clean the fridge, ideally every two to three months, to uphold cleanliness and prevent the build up of grime.


Trust Haus Maids for Pristine Refrigerator Care in Winchester

At Haus Maids, we understand the significance of a spotless refrigerator in your Winchester home. Our dedicated team provides exceptional cleaning services, ensuring your fridge remains clean, fresh, and safe for your family.


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