Enjoy First-Class Results With Our Domestic Cleaners In Alton

Fed-up with the endless grind of cleaning your home?

Domestic cleaning is something few people enjoy- those like Monica from Friends are definitely in a minority. For most of us, coming home to a pile of dishes, dirty laundry and dusty carpets is extremely stressful.

If you find cleaning often gets on top of you, Haus Maids can take the pressure off this winter. We love keeping our clients’ home spotless throughout the season.

Why choose us for your home in Alton, Hampshire?

We have a team of professionally trained cleaners who are based locally in a number of locations in the UK, including Alton. An environmentally-friendly company, we do everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

Haus Maids not only deliver domestic cleaning, but laundry and ironing.

All services are provided by our team of highly trained employed domestic cleaners. Our team in Alton work tirelessly to provide exceptional levels of home cleaning and customer service.

Our Alton office is managed by Victoria, who has in-depth knowledge of home cleaning. She appreciates that every customer is unique and tailor our home cleaning service to meet your requirements. If you want a free in-home estimate, we’re always happy to provide one for you.

If you need domestic cleaners in Alton, simply throw us a line for more information.