Effective Living Room Cleaning Tips in Chandlers Ford


Welcome to Haus Maids, your trusted domestic cleaning partner in Chandlers Ford and neighbouring communities. Our expert cleaners in Chandlers Ford are dedicated to transforming your living spaces into pristine havens. With services extending to Eastleigh, North Baddesley, Knightwood, Fair Oak, Horton Heath, Colden Common, Highbridge, Allbrook North Boyatt, North Stoneham, and surrounding villages, Haus Maids is your go-to solution for a spotless home.

Organise and Declutter:

A clutter-free living room is the first step towards a clean and inviting space. Our cleaners in Chandlers Ford recommend dedicating time to decluttering, organising items, and creating designated storage spaces. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also makes regular cleaning more manageable.


Dust and Wipe Surfaces:

Dust can accumulate on surfaces over time, affecting the overall cleanliness of your living room. Our expert cleaner in Chandlers Ford advises using microfiber cloths for dusting, ensuring that all surfaces, including shelves, tables, and electronics, are thoroughly wiped down to maintain a polished look.


Floor Care:

Whether you have hardwood floors, carpets, or tiles, regular vacuuming or sweeping is essential. Our cleaners in Chandlers Ford pay special attention to high-traffic areas and suggest using appropriate cleaning solutions for different floor types to keep them looking their best.


Upholstery Maintenance:

Upholstered furniture is a focal point in any living room. To maintain its cleanliness, our domestic cleaners in Chandlers Ford recommend regular vacuuming of sofas and chairs. For stubborn stains, consider professional upholstery cleaning to restore the freshness of your furniture.


Window Treatments:

Clean and well-maintained window treatments contribute to a bright and inviting living room. Our cleaner in Chandlers Ford suggests regular dusting or washing of curtains and blinds to eliminate allergens and keep the space looking vibrant.


Decorative Items and Accessories:

Pay attention to decorative items and accessories, as they can accumulate dust and dirt. Our cleaners serving Chandlers Ford and surrounding areas recommend periodic cleaning of these items to maintain a cohesive and polished appearance in your living room.


Air Freshening:

A clean-living room is not only about visible cleanliness but also about creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Consider using natural air fresheners or strategically placing houseplants to enhance air quality and leave your living room smelling delightful.



At Haus Maids, we understand the importance of a clean and welcoming living room. Our cleaners in Chandlers Ford and the surrounding areas are committed to providing top-notch domestic cleaning services tailored to your needs. By following these living room cleaning tips, you can ensure that your home remains a haven of comfort and cleanliness for you and your family. Contact Haus Maids today for a personalized cleaning experience that goes beyond your expectations.