Domestic Cleaning Services Cheltenham

We at Haus Maids understand that you’re looking for a sheen to your surfaces, the smell of fresh air and the comfort of tucked in clean sheets at the end of a long day. This level of cleanliness is what we specialise in at Haus Maids Franchising.  

Haus Maids Franchising began with Local Director Linnet Mosforth delivering dedicated cleaning to many houses across Cheltenham in 2011, from there she helped to form Haus Maids and turned it into the exceptional cleaning business it is today. We have a 100% guarantee meaning you can rest assured knowing we’ll go above and beyond to get everything looking fantastic.

Every client is different, you may have spaces you’d prefer we didn’t go on, or rooms you’d like us to focus on in particular. Not only will we deliver our high standard of cleaning to your property, but we’ll go above and beyond to meet every one of your requests.

Our Domestic Cleaning Services in Cheltenham is one example of a variety of services we have available. We work in Godalming, Milton Keynes, Guildford and more.

To get started with our exceptional cleaning, simply give us a ring on: 01242 329 000
Or alternatively, get in contact by filling out the provided form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.