Domestic Cleaners Farnham

Get rid of those stains that just won’t go away with the incredible team from Haus Maids. If you’re in Farnham and looking for a reliable team to clean your place, open up the space and get you smiling when you walk in the front door, you’re looking for Haus Maids.

We tailor our cleaning for your property and your desires, and whilst we carry out this cleaning we won’t go where you don’t want us too, and we won’t get in your way. Ultimately, we at Haus Maids promise an easy, stress free clean that leaves your house looking spotless.

We’ll dust the whole place, getting rid of cobwebs and the like, well get into those hard to reach corners and won’t stop until everywhere in your house is up to that incredibly clean quality, that you and your property deserve.

To find out more about what we can do for you as well as why we are one of the most competitively priced domestic cleaners in Farnham, simply give us a ring on: 01252 726 917.
Alternatively, get in contact by filling out the provided form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.