Connect With Trusted Cleaners In Milton Keynes

Whatever your unique lifestyle or the busyness of your household, Haus Maids can keep your home clean and immaculate.

Whether you have a household with young children or pets, Haus Maids has the skills and experience to keep your home looking its best. A Covid-19 safe company, we take all the precautions needed to keep everybody safe, including wearing masks. We strive to reduce the risk of infections spreading in your home.

Highly experienced and well-equipped, Haus Maids will clean all designated parts of your home to the finest standards. Milton Keynes is just one of the many locations covered by our company.

We appreciate choosing a cleaning company can be difficult and want you to have complete confidence when picking Haus Maids for your property.

Our services cover most common cleaning tasks, including the thorough cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms- those rooms which often get the messiest quickest!

Have a Christmas event coming up this season?

Along with our bespoke services, we also offer end of tenancy cleaning, and special occasion cleaning. The latter is ideal for events like Christmas or New Year’s Eve parties. We can tailor our services so they cause the least amount of disruption to your household.

Discover more about our house cleaning services in Milton Keynes. Or simply drop us a line today.