Cleaning Services Cheltenham

Ensure the cleanliness of your property in Cheltenham with the incredible cleaning services available from Haus Maids. We’re capable of handling all manner of rooms of varying sizes, this means your grand bedroom and small hallways will all get the attention they deserve and the highest standard of cleaning. Our capabilities for domestic cleaning in Cheltenham are wide-ranging and varied.  

We’re capable of handling specific requests you may have for your property before our team comes round, one of our directors will visit you in person to take a look at the property and understand your desires and your expectations – all so that we can exceed them. We utilise the latest cleaning techniques and a variety of eco-friendly products to ensure a clean finish to surface and air alike.

We’ll unblock ‘traffic ways’ in your carpet, this means sometimes getting on our hands and knees and properly applying the product, something we’re proud to do to get the clean aesthetic your property deserves.

Find out why so many choose Haus Maids for their domestic cleaning in Cheltenham, Instead of allowing bacteria or further dirt to build up, get in contact with our team at Haus Maids. Give us a ring on the number: 01242 329000. Alternatively, if there’s something you’re concerned about or any questions you have, please fill out the provided contact form available online and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.