Home Storage you didn’t know was there

Clearing clutter and mess is actually the first thing to do when keeping your house clean. And it’s easier than you think to tick it off your house cleaning checklist. Once you lose the items you don’t use anymore, take a second look at how you are organising items in your cupboards and so on. Here are great storage tips and tricks from the domestic cleaners in Guildford,  Haus Maids.

  1. Storing Wrapping Paper: Store rolls of wrapping paper by placing two flexible wires or strings across a cupboard top – about 4 inches down from the top should be sufficient space.
  2. Hanging your home cleaning bottles: Double the storage space under your sink by installing some hooks and using it them to hang all your house cleaning spray bottles.
  3. Bathroom Cabinet Storage –  Place a magnetic strip on the inside of your bathroom cupboard door and use it to keep tweezers and other small metal items in a secure place.

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