Time to brush up on your house cleaning skills, using knowledge from our professional local cleaners in MK

Fantastic domestic cleaning requires a detailed approach and organisation, this saves time having to keep going over the same area twice and with minimum effort for maximum results.

1. Cleaning top to bottom

This is well known to professional cleaners in MK. Starting at the top of a room and working your way down means any dust or dirt you dislodge does not fall on somewhere you have already done your magic home cleaning on.

Do the same in each room of your house while cleaning – start at the top, dusting the cobwebs out of the corners and work down to the lower levels. If you live in a house, start with the room at the tops and work your way downstairs.

2. Getting in the right frame of mind

Don’t look at it as one big home cleaning job, break it down in to smaller tasks – splitting your house into different areas and spending time each day in a different area of your house is a great idea if you are pushed for time.

  1. Keep your cleaning kit close

Having your kit close cuts down time running up and down the stairs every few minutes and speeds up the house cleaning job.

  1. Don’t keep unplugging the hoover

Plug your vacuum cleaner in to an extension cord so the cable trails all round your home rather than having to keep unplugging and plugging in.

5. Letting the dust settle

Tackle dusting jobs first in a room. Then move on to the wet jobs like cleaning bathrooms and polishing so the dust has settled and does not cling to any wet surfaces.


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