10 Reasons To Choose Our Cleaning Services In Guildford

Struggling to choose a domestic cleaning company for your home in Guildford? Here are 10 reasons to choose Haus Maids for your home in 2020.

  1. Our team always make sure that nothing in your home is overlooked, whether it’s dust in the corners or a stubborn water stain on the coffee table.
  2. Haus Maids offer highly flexible cleaning services in Guildford and Godalming tailored to your schedule and requirements.
  3. We use the best quality products and equipment to keep every room clean and fresh.
  4. Reliable, friendly and fully trained, our domestic cleaners know how to clean all types of surfaces with care and precision.
  5. We’re dedicated to being the leading choice for domestic cleaning services in the local area.
  6. Our cleaning services in Guildford include bathrooms and kitchens, cleaning of all surfaces, full dusting, removing cobwebs, complete vacuuming, washing floors and much more.
  7. Our cleaners work in teams of two to ensure nothing is missed.
  8. We offer a 100% guarantee for all our work.
  9. A caring company, we support The Phylis Tuckwell Hospice with a unique partnership that offers a free cleaning service to patients and relatives of patients.
  10. We have an in-depth knowledge of domestic cleaning and can bring that expertise to your home.

For more reasons to choose our cleaning services in Guildford, explore our website today.